Whirling Kalapas

Band Members :
Uday Benegal - Vocals / Guitars [Indus Creed]
Mahesh Tinaikar - Guitars / Vocals
[Indus Creed]
Sankarshan Kini - Mandolin / Violin / Percussion / Vocals

Whirling Kalapas is an Acoustic Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2009. The band is the side project of Mahesh Tinaikar and Uday Benegal, guitar player and singer of Indus Creed. The band performs largely original material, along with Indus Creed songs, at gigs. Zubin Balaporia, also a former member of Indus Creed, sometimes whirls with the band.

EP "Whirling Kalapas" 2013 Track List :

1. Alive
2. Looking For The Mahatma
3. Don't Laugh At The Sun
4. Fireflies


Single Track List :

I Wish I Was A Whale

 Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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