Band Member :
Warren Mendonsa - Guitars / Composer / Record Producer [Zero]
Adi Mistry - Bass
Beven Fonseca - Keyboards
Jai Row Kavi - Drums [Tough On Tobacco]

Blackstratblues is a solo project of Warren Mendonsa (Zero), who is a guitarist, composer and record producer from Mumbai. The project started in 2006 when he moved to Auckland. He is known for his instantly recognizable, distinctive guitar sound and playing, incorporating immaculate phrasing and abandoning traditional, flashy "guitar hero" techniques, in favour of composing memorable melodies and playing it with a feel. 

Album "Nights In Shining Karma" 2007 Track List :

1.Incense  YouTube 
2. Soar The Sky  YouTube 
3. Anuva's Sky  YouTube 
4. Blues For Gary  YouTube 
5. A Weekend With You (And Nothing Else To Do)  YouTube 
6. The Cat & The Fiddle  YouTube 
7. Nights In Shining Karma  YouTube 
8. Bombay Rain  YouTube 

Album "The New Album" 2009 Track List :

1. The Happy Billi Song  YouTube 
2. Lullabyebye  YouTube 
3. Cowboys & Indians  YouTube 
4. Newness  YouTube 
5. Another Sun (feat. Johnny Barker)  YouTube 
6. Ode To A Rainy Day  YouTube 
7. Older Wise & Grey (feat. Emma Walter)  YouTube 
8. Ode To A Sunny Day  YouTube 

Album "The Universe Has A Strange Sense of Humour" 2015 Track List :

1. Renaissance Mission  Video 
2. Come Anyway
3. Anandamide
4. E Major Blues
5. Folkish Three
6. Little Rascal
7. The Universe Has a Strange Sense of Humour
8. Two Sides of The Same Coin

Single Track List :

1. RVS Jam
2. Anti Gravity
3. I Won't Pick Up Your Phone
4. Evil
5. Fast Drive
6. Beaten Into Submission
7. Kiwi Blues
8. Mark My Words
9. Surds From Hell
10. Tubehead
11. Quackor The Metal Ducky

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