Hellpad - The Album

Hellpad - The Album is a compilation album comprising of tracks from the performing bands at HELLPAD, a project designed, organized and managed by Corevents of Kolkata. The album was priced for Rs. 35/- only. 


1. Age of Chaos - Ammunition
2. Paperfly - Power Me Home
3. Exiled Sanity - Twisted Route To Salvation
4. Ifs And Buts - What You Get
5. Kripa - Murkher Sworgo
6. Mud Soda Spark - Ode To Dead Love
7. Scarface - Salvation Denied
8. Jaah Saala - Where's The Party Yaar!
9. Erased Undead - What New Era Preaches
10. Not Yet Decided - Deny Me
11. Neel Adhikari - Cross Eyed Horse  Video  
12. Loch Lomond - Mr. Pitt

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