Ifs And Buts

Band Members :
Subhodip Banerjee - Vocals / Guitars
Nicholas Rixon - Vocals / Percussion

Ifs And Buts is an Acoustic duo project from Kolkata, formed in March 2011. They have gone on to become an exciting acoustic duo that has played all around the city. The former comes up with guitar melodies that are one of a kind and out of the blue. The latter tries to keep up with lyrics that will make you stop, listen and move on.

EP "Ifs And Buts" 2012 Track List :

1. Little Bit
2. Stuck
3. Blink And You Miss
4. Two Cities
5. Change
6. If You Were

Single Track List :

1. What You Get
2. Letters
3. Up And Above
4. People
5. Somebody
6. Love
7. Tourist  Video 

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