Rebellious Damnation Theories

'Rebellious Damnation Theories' is an online compilation album featuring Crust, Grind, Thrash, Crossover, Hardcore, Sludge, Death/Black bands from the subcontinent and other areas like Indonesia, USA, etc. released on 28th October 2011. 

Featured Bands

1. Jugaa (Nepal) Hardcore/Metalcore
2. Bonecrushing Unity (Pakistan) Hardcore/Crossover
3. Sangharsha (Nepal) Hardcore/Metalcore
4. Moron Crew (Indonesia) Hardcore
5. Foreskin (Pakistan) Hardcore/Crossover Thrash
6. Pataca (Bulgaria) Death/Thrash Metal
7. Dementia (Pakistan) Thrash Metal
8. Tormentstorm (US) Thrash Metal
9. Nuclear Winter (Bangladesh) Crossover/Thrash
10. Hedorah (US) Sludge/Death
11. Mysois (Pakistan) Sludge/Doom
12. Bvlghvm (Pakistan) Sludge
13. Bruxism (US) Grindcore
14. Abusive Father (US) Grindcore
15. Chillar Killer (Pakistan) Noise/Grind
16. Ha5h On Death Drive (Pakistan) Grindcore
17. Masturbate (Pakistan) Goregrind
18. Gorified (India) Goregrind/Death Metal
19. Multinational Corporations (Pakistan) Death/Grind
20. Unholy Sermon (Sri Lanka) Black/Death
21. Necroticon (Pakistan) Death Metal
22. Sledgehammer Autopsy (US) Death Metal
23. Death Inquisition (US) Thrash Metal
24. Takatak (Pakistan) Metalcore
25. Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles (Nepal) Punk/Hardcore

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