Blurred Haze

Band Members :
Cornelius - Vocals / Guitars
Enrio Ben - Guitars / Vocals
Carnegie - Bass
Gerald - Drums
Former Members :
Rojer - Drums
Jerial - Drums

Blurred Haze is an Experimental Progressive Metal band from Shillong, formed in 2011. In early 2011, Cornelius, Carnegie and Rojer formed a band named "Code Three" which played self composed metal genre music. Bur Rojer left the band on May 2011. Than Ben and Jerial joined the band. The band decided to mix Progressive music with metal riffs, clean vocals n fry scream. Again Gerald filled in as the drummer. Now the band decided to mix out stuffs, with versions of Classical Guitar tunes into their genre which they described as "Experimental Progressive Metal". Thus, 'Blurred Haze' was formed. Currently working on their debut EP.

Single Track List :

1. Hope
2. The End  YouTube 
3. Mom & Dad  Mp3 Download YouTube 

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