Chandresh Kudwa

Band Member :
Chandresh Kudwa

Chandresh Kudwa is one of India’s most worshipped guitarists, and has played with a number of bands including Thor, Freedom, Nexus, Vedic Chant and Dream Out Loud. He is also involved in a project called Axe-Tortion, a collaboration of various guitarists from across the country. Chandresh Kudwa stands out not just for his extraordinary skill on the instrument, but also for his engaging stage act and remarkable original compositions comprising of the chunkiest riffs and strictly melody oriented solos. He currently play Guitar and arrange / compose music for Radio and TV ads, when he is not touring he teaches guitar as well. He owns and runs India's only online guitar lessons website www.theguitarthing.com.

Album "A Change" 2009 Track List :

1. A Change
2. Impetus
3. Floating Feelings of The Rare Kind
4. Anesthetized
5. Squashed
6. Risk It All
7. Speed of Thought
8. Sanity In Sarinity

Compilation Album " Christm-aXed" 2010 Track List :

1. White Christmas - Chandresh Kudwa
2. Let It Snow - Claver Menezes
3. Greensleeves - Ravi Iyer
4. Go Tell It On The Mountain - Sumit Bhattacharya

Album "Conqueror" 2011 Track List :

1. Conqueror
2. Fighting Spirit
3. White Door
4. Blanket of Stars
5. Princess
6. G-Uke Song
7. Good Life (feat. Mattias La Eklundh)
8. Un Silenced Majority
9. Edge of My Emotions

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