Duncun Rufus

Band Members :
Lima Yanger - Vocals / Guitars
Vinay Lobo - Guitars
Gaute Johannesen - Drums

Duncun Rufus is a Mellow Rock band from Mumbai, comprising studio session players and members of various backing bands. The band brings together five musicians better known amongst the music community than the public at large. Duncun Rufus makes soulful music and the songs are about hope, betrayal, desire & devotion in troubled times. Crisp contemporary pop-folk rock songs with foot tapping beats and catchy hook lines, this is music that you can truly feel when the sun rests and the night spreads itself out on the sky. This is music for journeys between where your love resides and where you are supposed to be. They have released their debut 10-track album "Carte Blanche" in 2011. Currently the band is working on their second album titled "The Folds Galore". 

Album "Carte Blanche" 2011 Track List :

1. But Seriously
2. Lemonade
3. Yeah Yeah Yeah
4. Mary's Song  Video 
5. Disarray  YouTube 
6. The Greatest Hit
7. On Second Thought
8. The Soft Parade
9. Episode 9
10. Good Bye

Single Track List :

1. Always On My Mind

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