Krazy Electrons

Band Members :
Chaitanya Balasu (Chatty)
Ajay Jayanth
Kunal Naik

Krazy Electrons (KE) is an Experimental Electronica band from Mumbai, formed in 2007. The band adopts the quantum approaches to reach the consciousness of musical reality. That is why KE’s act is less a collection of songs and more of hour-long surreal live trips. The frenzy confluence of Kunal’s lyrical concepts and the innovative musical patterns of Chatty and Ajay create such macroscopic fields of energy which only leaves the listener in a state of surrealism. KE is nominated as the only ELECTRONIC Artist World wide and is one of the few early Electronic acts recognized on UBITUNE BANDS International, 2010. KE's track 'The observer' has been documented in the University of Columbia's archives. KE was featured in DIGIT magazine’s 10th Anniversary edition (June 2011) under top 5 Electronica bands/Artists of India and as amongst the top 5 Indie bands/artists nominated for Global Artist Awards 2011 under Artist Aloud.com. Their tracks "Lord of Kaos" is been featured in a compilation album 'Brutal Pokhara - Occult Science of Metal' along with many other band around the world.

Album "Conundrums of Electrons" 2011 Track List :

1. Kontrol  YouTube
 2. Lifeless
3. Whispers of Reflection  Mp3 Download YouTube
4. Lord of Kaos
5. The Next Rise (Kontrol Remix)
6. Bending The Spoon

Single Track List :

1. Ek Sur : The Musical Unity V1
2. Dog In The Machnie
3. H1N1
4. Stopless
5. Incomparable Worlds
6. Aspiring Sailors
7. Banjarey
8. The Death Walk
9. Globe's Warming
10. Banshee (The Death Messenger)
11. Aura of Purity  Mp3 Download  
12. Dreaming of Vitvara  Mp3 Download 
13. Kidsa  Mp3 Download 
14. Talash
15. Mera Saaya  Mp3 Download 
16. Ibadat  Mp3 Download YouTube
17. Dry Lands  Mp3 Download 
18. Cactus And Studio  YouTube  
19. Piggy Pigeon  YouTube  
20. Dis Dat

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


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