Band Members :
Akshay Rajpurohit - Guitars / Synth [Scribe, Ex.Skincold]
Shadaab Kadri - Guitars / Synth
Kuber Sharma - Guitars / Production [Black Hole Theory]
Krishna Jhaveri - Bass [Goddess Gagged, Indus Creed, Skyharbor]
Jai Row Kavi - Drums [Indus Creed, Tough On Tobacco, Blackstratblues]

Pangea is a Progressive Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2007. It originally started as 'Orion J9 Foundation' which was the studio project started by Akshay. They have been making music trying to combine different and weird genres together. They don't like to be termed as a Project with any one specific Genre. They just try and make music that they think has a story behind it and which definitely gets their feet tapping.

Album "Snails Are When I Was Young" 2011 Track List :

1. Hearing Sparks Rumour  YouTube 
2. Every Photo Doesn't Have A Ghost  YouTube
3. Women Can't Behave On Buses  YouTube
4. Mind If I Borrow Your Life  YouTube
5. Allergy Spreads Through Kissing  YouTube
6. The Rabbit Will Untie Your Laces  YouTube
7. Final Flight  YouTube

Single Track List :

 1. Bloom
 2. Pirfirnia
 3. Downpour
 4. Fluid Animation
5. Airline Tickets
6. ElectroMat
7. Appu Raja And The Blind Cucumber
8. Umphasikta
 9. Raju Tundra And The Fairy
10. Petals
11. The Life of Epson Printer  Mp3 Download 
12. This Is NG, Taking

Cick Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. Thanks for making this man. Thanks for all the effort.

  2. Final Flight is a good track. Very Well Done!


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