Route 3

Band Members :
Vipin Sharma - Vocals
 Bagus K. - Guitars
Yugank Mishra - Bass
Shashank Angiras - Drums

Route 3 is an Alternative Rock / Pop Rock band from Delhi, formed in April 2010 by Vipin, Shanky and Bagus who have been jamming with each other. They were soon joined by their senior Ashish who they met after a long time, so from there Route 3 took a new turn. They met their bassist, Danik at 'War of The Bands' in Noida and met again later at a workshop and now is filling some good old slaps. They don't want to be like the same old band you hear every day on the radio. They believe in doing things differently rather than doing different things. Our music is a mixture of different styles / genres comprising of an interesting mix of hard rock, blues, jazz and funk. They're a unit of musicians and they are inclined to having fun on stage and making some tight music.

EP "In All Shapes & Sizes" 2013 Track List :

1. Waiting For
2. Psycho-The-Rapist
3. Dirty Games
4. Do You Know Me?
5. Happy Guy


Single Track List :

1. Remorse
2. One More Try
3. A Better Place

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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