The Local Train

Band Members :
Raman Negi - Vocals / Guitars
Paras Thakur - Guitars
Ramit Mehra - Bass
Sahil Sarin - Drums / Percussion

The Local Train is a Rock band from Delhi. It is a collaboration of musicians who have come together with a purpose to create music to connect with the elite and the masses. They shared an instant connection and have since worked together creating music which created a stir in the Northern Circuit and their demo recordings created a sensation online. Since then the band hasn’t looked back. Experimenting with new and old sounds the band has evolved over the years and although they don’t restrict themselves to any genres, they recognize that being Indians they can best express themselves in their mother tongue, Hindi.

Album "Aalash Ka Pedh" 2015 Track List :

1. Manzil
2. Aaoge Tum Kabhi  Video 
3. Bandey  Mp3 Download Video 
4. Choo Lo  Video
5. Kaise Jiyun  Video  
6. Yeh Zindagi Hai  Video 
7. Dil Mere
8. Kaise Jiyun (Acoustic)
9. Yeh Zindagi Hai (Demo)

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Single Track List :

1. Dhoonde Jo  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks


  1. awesome band...........

  2. vry nice band.....i loved it

  3. make more songs! you guys are awesome!

  4. sahil u r just amazing.... and Raman u really rocks....... lov u local train.... <3 <3

  5. sarin u r amazing... n ranam u really rocks.... lov u local train.... <3 <3

  6. sahil u luk awsm....
    luv u ol..

  7. jhaakaaaashhh.songs that u made.....now plz release ur album....

  8. choo_lo really so touchy songs..thnx

  9. choo_lo song really so tochy i like it so much..thnx

  10. Hey,
    Awesome Band n songs!!!
    Chooo Looooo Superb ! :) :) :)
    Uh guys RockzzZzz !!! :)
    Lubh Awl !!! <3 <3
    Unique band !!!

  11. paras thakur <3

  12. Rocking yrrr.....

  13. Awesome song .It rocks. I have heard 100 times but i'm never bore with this.Its unexplainable

  14. Keep up the good work.. you guys rock.. just be away from bollywood item songs.. your originality has no match with anything in this world.. simply irresistible.. with best genre selection..

  15. how much does this band charges for college shows?


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