Band Members :
Amit Kalia - Vocals
Amit Bhatia - Guitars
Siddhu - Bass
Dipesh Pandit - Drums

Manefus is an Alternative / Experimental band from Baroda (Gujarat), formed in 2006. They entered the scene riding on well performed covers of Rage Against The Machine, Ozzy Osbourne, System of A Down, Audioslave etc. and after 2008 they started composing originals. The band has a rock solid funk / alternative rhythm section which compliments crazy guitar licks and high powered vocal, Manefus makes their message clear - some high octane, live music.

Single Track List :

1. Don't Lie
2. Gone For Good
3. All Wrong
4. Home  (Live)Video 
5. Hollow Man  (Live)Video 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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  1. can i get a contact number for any of the above??


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