Rusty Dust

Band Members :
Kiddy Newmai - Vocals
Abraham Disong - Guitars
Joel - Guitars
Asolo Jamir - Guitars
Yanthungo Ngullie - Keyboards
Boylenn Disong - Bass / Backing Vocals
Ruokuo Rio - Drums

Rusty Dust is a Black Death-Core Metal band from Dimapur, formed in 2008 with the determination to quench the thirst of their old time passion in music. They referred ‘Rusty’ with old times when they were young and ‘Dust’ as their passion/inspiration in music. Most importantly, in terms of word (lyrics) advocates self-satisfaction, secularism, illusion of pain and environment. Their music describes each and everyone of them in a lot of ways like they all face trials and temptations, experience hardships and problems, go through heartaches or depressions.

Single Track List :

1. The Second Coming
2. Haunted Dreams
3. Basement Activity
4. Graveyard Anthem

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