Strange Brew

Band Members :
Christopher Fonceca - Guitars / Vocals
Michael Periera - Bass / Vocals
Sanjeev Pandkar - Drums / Vocals

Strange Brew is a Retro-Rock band from Pune, formed in 1999 by Michael, Christopher, and Sanjeev. The track 'No Time' has won the song of the year and have played more than 1500 shows.

EP "Just Brewed" 2003 Track List :

1. Who Cares
2. No Time  Mp3 Download Video 
3. Free World  Mp3 Download Video 
4. Who I Am
5. Don't Wanna Know

Single Track List :

1. Pairon Mein Zameen  Video 
2. Khwaab  Mp3 Download Video 
3. Aaj Kal  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 
4. Udna Chahe Dil  Mp3 Download 

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