Band Members :
K. Mohan - Vocals
Koco - Guitars
Michael Pereira - Guitars
Among - Bass
Hrishikesh - Drums
Off Stage Members :
Nitin Joshi - Sound
Ajay Parkhe - Sound
Harshawardhan Phatak - Lights
Pradeep Ratanjankar - Music Tech and Everything Else

Agnee is a Hindi Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2006. The band was formerly known as 'Agni'. The band's music is a collective of individual styles of composing and performing with Classic Rock, Pop and Indian influences with the Carnatic and Hindustani Classical influences. They released their debut album "Agnee" in May 15, 2007 by Sony BMG making them one of the few bands in India with a major label release. The band is currently working on their second full-length album titled "Create With Agnee" which will be released soon.

Album "Agnee" 2007 Track List :

1. Sadho Re  Video 
2. Kabira
3. Shaam Tanha  Video 
4. Ujale Baaz  Video 
5. Karavan
6. Kuch Ankahee
7. Keh Lene Do
8. The MTV Roadies Theme (feat Raghu)


Single Track List :

1. Splitsvilla 2 Theme Song aka. The Love Song
2. Splitsvilla 3 Theme Song aka. Raanjhan Yaar Di  Mp3 Download 
3. Splitsvilla 4 Theme Song aka. Aahatein
4. MTV Teen Diva Theme Song  Mp3 Download
5. Kaise Ho Tum ft.Shilpa Rao
6. Jee Lay Abhi ft.Anushka Manchanda  Mp3 Download 
7. Lamha Yeh Jayega Kahan (Movie: Dil Dosti Etc.)
8. Khanabadosh (Movie: London Dreams)
9. Naav Chadti (Movie: Udaan)
10. Song For K
11. Yahien - The SGI Theme Song
12. I Believe  Video
13. Dhishoom
14. Sadaa (Movie: Shala)
15. Kharoshti - Song For K  Video 
16. Roddies 9 Theme song : Manmaani  Video 
17. Hello Andheron (OST Avengers)  Video 
18. Reveal Yourself  Video 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. What about the "ORIGINAL" AGNI??
    That was a hardcore ROCK band... so sad that your site seems to have ignored the best rock bank ever in India.. :-(


    1. Yes,what about the original Agni,the best n unique rock band of india ever had.no wikipedia for them.im looking for the original agni. Marc Nonglait,Shillong

    2. Here is the link :

  2. This link is not working..Desperately looking for original agnee band of late 90s(?) from my college days

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