Groove #3

Band Members :
Benny Dayal - Vocals / Percussion
  Naveen Samson - Guitars
  David Joseph - Drums
  Allwyn Jeya Paul - Percussion
Divyan Ahimaz - Bass
Napier Naveen Kumar - Bass
Leon James - Keyboard / Harmony

Groove #3 is a Jazz-Funk band from Chennai. The band plays the genre Jazz-funk, it’s a sub-genre of Jazz characterized by a strong Groove and electrified sounds also draws influences from traditional African music, Latin American rhythms, and Jamaican reggae. It was the love for this genre and the influence of legends of funk like Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Paulinho da Costa, John Schofield, Lee Ritenour, Scott Henderson, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Four Play, Funkadelic that brought out the ‘Trio’ Naveen Samson, David Joseph and Divyan Ahimaz from their previous Progressive rock band and lead them to form Groove #3. With an experience in music scene, the members of the band are professional and creative in their own ways.

Single Track List :

1. Fever
2. C'est Cinq!  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 YouTube 
3. Funk - 'E'  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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