Judas Ancestry

Band Members :
Sandeep Sarmah - Vocals
Abhishek Kumar - Guitars [Ex.Chaotic Mantra]
Sushmit Mazumdar - Bass [Ex.1833AD]
Suraj Mishra - Keyboards / Synths [Ex.Chaotic Mantra]

Judas Ancestry is a Symphonic Black / Death Metal band from Guwahati (now based in Delhi), formed in Christmas Day of 2010 by two metal-heads Hillol and Sandeep. Ever since its inception the band started to channelize its efforts in creating music which sounds evil and dark. The band beliefs are well described through its songs and lyrics. In 2011, the band have been signed with Egyptian Record Label 'Set Productions' and their track "Black Heart Bleeding" is featured on a split CD "Ancient Dust" with an Egyptian band 'Izund'. In March 2015, the band suffered a serious line-up change in which it saw the departure of 5 of its members due to conflict of interest. The result of the line-up change was that the departed members would keep the unreleased 'full-Length' which would be released under a new 'band Nnme' & a new 'album title'.

Split "Ancient Dust" 2011 Track List :

1. Judas Ancestry - Black Heart Bleeding  Mp3 Download
2. Izund - Among The Castles of The Acients

Single Track List :

1. The Forces of Nazarene  Mp3 Download 
2. Defiance
3. Day of The Black Sun
4. God - I Denounce Your Existence

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. U ol guysa a really wrkng gr8....nd spread d spirit of nihilism...

  2. The music is great.

    Could you please upload the original version of Black Heart Bleeding soon? The keyboards on that one are awesome


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