Band Members :
Tom Borah - Vocals [Ex. Distorted Frequencies]
Eshwaran - Guitars / Backing Vocals [Ex. Abandoned Wreckage/Tensyle
Sagar Rao - Guitars / Backing Vocals [Ex. Lucid Dreams]
Vivek - Bass [Ex. Distorted Frequencies/Valhalla/Bifocal Brothers]
Karthick Rao - Keyboards
Nitesh Nataraj - Drums / Percussions / Backing Vocals [Ex. River Sagittarius/Aathma/Lucid Dreams]

Mystixz is a Progressive Heavy Metal band from Bangalore, formed in early 2011. The members have co-ordinated on various side projects over the past couple of years. Their music has emerged from a mix of heavy metal, progressive, classic rock and acoustic melodies. With each member having varied musical influences and musical styles, their sound is a culmination of music from across genres, resulting in it being melodic, powerful and unique. Overall their music has its main influences from bands like Opeth, Dream Theater, Riverside, Megadeth, AlterBridge, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Rush, Pantera, Moody Blues and many more.   

EP "Genesis" 2012 Track List :

1. Till The End
2. Fly Away
3. Voice of A Soul

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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