Off The Record

Band Members :
Shakthisree Gopalan - Vocals
Vikram Vivekanand - Guitars
Satish Narayanan - Bass
Tapass Naresh - Drums (In Haitus)
Vinay Ramakrishnan - Drums

Off The Record is a Rock band from Chennai, formed in May 2009 by Tapass, Satish and Vikram. They decided to form a side project to get together and play something totally different from their established styles. Shakthisree Gopalan was roped in as female vocalist to add to the diversity of the band. Although the members are all different when it comes to their individual styles of performance, after having jammed a couple of times, something just felt right, and it clicked. They get into action and right on track with gigs and experimenting more with the music. The band's music can be best described as 'chilled out'. The music is characterised by surrealist lyrical themes, lot of clean guitar work and a tight drum and bass section.

Single Track List :

1. Time Machine  Mp3 Download 
2. Burning Sun  Mp3 Download
3. Today  Mp3 Download
4. Dreamcatcher

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