Bodhi Tree

Band Members :
Abhishek Narain - Vocals / All instruments
Satadru Bagchi - Vocals

Former Members :
Shambhavi Kumar – Vocals
Dhananjay Mishra – Vocals

Bharat Rajagopalan – Guitars
Jishnu Dasgupta - Bass / Vocals
Poornima Dore – Drums

Bodhi Tree is a Pop / Rock band from Delhi, formed in June 2004 by the students of XLRI Jamshedpur. This bands sing its songs on the situations by which almost every Indian must have gone through in his / her teenage. After college, they have continued composing music which is rooted in the mainstream and to which young Indians can relate to.

Single Track List :

1.Gand Mein Danda  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 YouTube 
2. Sab Ka Katega  Mp3 Download YouTube 
3. XL Ki Kudiyan  Mp3 Download YouTube 
4. Too Many Potatoes  Mp3 Download
5. XL Meri Jaan  YouTube 
6. Sapnay  YouTube 
7. Ghar
8. Halki Si Shaam
9. Rangon Mein Aa
10. Jaaniya

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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