Inherited Infection

Band Members :
Mohit Vig - Vocals / Guitars
Arjun Kapoor - Guitars
Anurag Sethi - Bass
Gaurav Yadav - Drums

Inherited Infection is a Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2011. The band believes in making melodic music full of harmonies and melodic riffs. They are influenced by artist of different genres so they wanted to mingle up their experience in music and wanted to make music as stupendous as they can. Currently the band is working on their debut full-length album.

EP "Inherited Infection" 2011 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Lost Hope
3. Die All Alone  YouTube
4. The Rising (Instrumental)

Single Track List :

1. Dark Night
2. Apocalypse

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
Other Link:   Link 1  Link 2

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