Band Members :
Rajat Kaushal - Guitars / Vocals
Manish Konwar Rana - Bass
Devashish Goel - Drums

Nazhorn is a Blackened Death Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2010 as an Extreme / Thrash Metal outfit, a few practice sessions later they had to part ways due to academic and professional commitments. The bands sound combines the ambiance of Burzum, thump of Suffocation, melody of Dissection, and the intricacy of Megadeth into one, which results a pure, dark, heavy, unadulterated, brutal neck breaking music. The band is inclined towards raw Classic Black / Death Metal sound in contrast to the current trend of a very polished output. The lyrical theme reflects the band ideology and views towards Anti-Religion, Suffering, Life, Death, Pain, Failure, Anti-Humanity, Salvation, Existentialism, Agnosticism and the state of the world.

Single Track List :

1. An Ode To Humanity
2. Demise of The Heartless God

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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