Sulk Station

Band Members :
Tanvi Rao
Rahul Giri

Sulk Station is an Electronic/ Triphop duo from Bangalore formed in early 2009 by Tanvi Rao and Rahul Giri. Their music is driven by Tanvi Rao’s sultry vocals wrapped in a haze of atmospherics, minimal beats and homegrown synth sounds. Their songs are a mix of contemporary electronic genres (trip-hop/post-dubstep/ambient) with traces of Indian classical music.

EP "Demure" 2011 Track List :

1. Pause
3. Splendor
4. Bindya
5. Wait

Album "Till You Appear" 2012 Track List :

1. Pause (Intro)  YouTube 
2. Downlift
3. Contentment
4. Take Me Home
5. Splendor
6. Bindya
7. Confession
8. Piya I
9. Piya II
10. Wait feat. Kamal

Single Track List :

1. Stranger

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