Band Members :
Vats Iyengar - Vocals / Guitars
Toshimoa Jamir - Guitars / Vocals

Shishir Gupta - Bass / Vocals
Praveen Kumar - Drums

Rainburn is a Progressive Rock band from Bangalore, formed in August 2011 by Vats and Avik (former member). The band have received acclaim for the originality of their music, their instrumental and vocal abilities and engaging stage act. Rainburn's music fuses progressive rock trademarks such as adventurous song structures and unusual time signatures with melodies that subtly evoke a rich Indian heritage, in a distinctly song - oriented fashion.

EP "Canvas of Silence" 2014 Track List :

1. Refuge
2. Canvas of Silence
3. Veil
4. Time Turns Around
5. Fragments

YouTube Link

Single Track List :

1. End of Sleep
2. Listen Through The Noise

Click Here To Listen The Tracks


  1. Guys,

    Please take down this page or edit it. It has incorrect and outdated information/music.

  2. Hey,
    There have been a couple of changes. New Lineup:
    Vats Iyengar - lead vocals, guitar
    Paraj Kumar Singh - guitar, vocals
    Ravi Nair - bass, vocals
    Praveen Kumar - drums
    Please let me know if you would like a pic of the new lineup! Also, new single's been released: https://youtu.be/0-xVs5W4Yo4
    Thank you for running this site, man! Cheers!


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