Band Members :
Sooraj Nambiatt - Vocals / Lyrics
Thoufique Rahiman - Guitars
Syaml - Guitars
Siddique - Bass
Midhun Nishol - Drums

Azazeel is a Poetic Folk Metal band from Mala (Kerala), formed in 2007. The band was first formed as a Heavy Metal band inspired and influenced by 'Iron Maiden'. As They grow they added the cultural element, poems and folk into their music to create their own genre the "Poetic Metal".

Single Track List :

1. Ayyappanttama
2. Ayyappans Mother
3. Sweet Lullaby
4. Fuel To Burn
5. Bhoomikkoru Charamageetham  (Live)Video YouTube
6. Lost Forever
7. Wrong Wrong Again
8. Before The Rain Comes
9. Panannte Dhukham
10. Kadammanitta Chakala  YouTube 
11. Kaadevide Makkale  (Live)Video YouTube
12. Sing It Again  (Live)Video 
13. Live Forever  Video  
14. The False Messiah
15. Breaking The Chains  YouTube   
16. Onakkalam
17. Sandal Narthakar  (Live)Video   
18. Concrete Kadukal  (Live)Video  

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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