Death Zone Compilation Vol. I

Death Zone Compilation Vol. I is a compilation album released by Domestic Genocide Records (Indonesia) consisting tracks from 16 bands from Canada, USA, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia and India.

Track List:

1. Ascariasis (Canada) - Against The Tempest
2. She Was Dead When I Got There (USA) - Fish Named Vagina
3. Beheading Machine (Poland) - Perfect 3rd Eye
4. Upheaval (Turkey) - Falsehood Castle
5. Viscral (Indonesia) - Pareidolia Haze of Illusory
6. Vision Eyes (Indonesia) - Falling Skies
7. Bloody Symphony (Indonesia) - Keterpurukan Jiwa
8. Cinematic Machine (Indonesia) - Which Satis Faction You Betray
9. Defragment Otak (Indonesia) - Definisi Kemunafikan
10. Bastard (Indonesia) - Definition God's
11. Knell (Indonesia) - Novus Ordo Seclorum
12. The All Prosthesis (Indonesia) - Sahabat Berkarat
13. Touch of Eden (Indonesia) - Pasukan Jubah Putih
14. Spartan (Indonesia) - Welcome To The War
15. Unblessing Remains (Indonesia) - Ruin
16. Solar Deity (India) - Blasphemous Chanting On A Moonless Night

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