Dhruv Visvanath Trio

Band Members :
  Dhruv Visvanath - Vocals / Guitars
  Ashwin Nayar - Guitars
  Amar Pandey - Bass
Ishaan Gandhi - Drums / Percussion

Dhruv Visvanath Trio (DVT) is an Alternative Rock band from Delhi, formed by Dhruv Visvanath who is a self taught guitarist, drummer, bassist, pianist and many other instruments. Dhruv has often been labelled a jack of all trades & a one man band as well and has a percussive guitar playing style which is somewhat a unique to the Indian music scene.

Dhruv Bisvanath EP "Chronicles" 2011 Track List :

1. Trance
2. When Words Are Not Enough
3. Driftwood / One Step Back
4. Falling Angels
5. Father

Single Track List :

1. Spies
2. Dover
3. Can't
4. How To Steal A Car
5. All I Know
6. The Oxy-Morons
7. The Emphatic Noises of The Manatee
8. Christmass Night
9. There's A Fused Lightbulb In My Tunnel
10. Cosmic Dawn
11. Impression

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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