LIVE Banned

Band Members :
Amrit Rao - Vocals
Sridhar Varadarajan - Guitars
Raveesh Tirkey - Bass
Siddhart Kamath - Keyboards
Dheerendra Doss - Drums

LIVE Banned is a Comedy Rock band from Bangalore, formed in the autumn of 2010. The band has categorized their genre to an "Awesome : Indo-International Mass Music". The band’s originals and medleys are popular for their humour that is sometimes intelligent and at other times atrocious. The performances are bold, flamboyant and energetic, influenced by South Indian music, Bollywood, Disco, Pop, Rock and Metal. The band satirises, restructures and twists popular music across genres and languages that appeals to everyone, from the man on the street to an audience from the corporate world.

Album "If You Park Here Your Tyre Will Be Air Out" 2014 Track List :

1. The Auto Tune  Video
 2. Hey Mama
3. Fast Fast
4. Roads Bloody Roads
5. Fake You
6. Art Is Dead. Artist Is Dead
7. Death Dance  Video

Single Track List :

1. Europe Ko Jai Se Pyar Ho Gaya
2. German Roll House
3. Ringamukka Cats
4. Dheerendra Dos ft.Amrit
5. Mission Attyachar

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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