Caesars of The Green

Band Members :
Sidharth Malik - Vocals / Guitars
Ritwik De - Guitars
Ajit Rajian - Bass
Ujjwal Kumar - Drums

Caesars of The Green is an Indie Rock band from Delhi, formed in the fall of 2011. The band has released their debut EP "You've Seen As I've Made You" in 2nd February, 2012. Their brand of indie rock draws on influences such as Kings of Leon, Blur, The Libertines, MGMT, Bob Dylan, Sigur Ros, Joy Division and Dylan Thomas, leading to the creation of a unique brit pop inflicted indie rock sound. The theme of their lyrically driven music revolves around the philosophy of an ideal for living.

EP "You've Seen As I've Made You" 2012 Track List :

1. You've Seen As I've Made You (See)
2. Too Little
3. Rio De Janerio
4. I Have A Gift
5. Still

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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