Dark Reign

Band Members :
Nelson Gereraj G - Vocals
Lucky Laishram - Guitars
Maxim Ngangom - Guitars
Nizzy Aarkay - Bass
Robson Haorongbam
- Drums
Saman  Ashangbam - Keyboards / Electronics

Dark Reign is a Progressive Metal band from Imphal (Manipur) but now based at Delhi, formed in 2007 by Robson, Ajanta and Diamond with a hope to bring an evolution in the rock scene. Initially it started out as "Dark Rain" which was lined up as Ajanta on vocals, Chitaranjan on guitars, Diamond on guitars, Nizzy on bass, Saman - keyboard and Robson on drums. Currently the band is working on their debut album titled "The Reign" which will be released soon.

Single Track List :

1. Dark Reign
2. Innocence
3. Be Careful What You Die For
4. Rest In Peace
5. Seven Swordsmen  YouTube 
6. A Retired Rebel

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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