Band Members :
Cristian Allen - Vocals / Guitars
Mohammad Kabeer - Drums

Necrofilth is a Grindcore band from Delhi, formed in early 2012. They have released 14-track live studio album title "Comprehension of A Grindcore Opus".

Album "Comprehension of A Grindcore Opus" 2012 Track List :

1. Death To Djent  YouTube
2. Cunt Massacre  YouTube 
3. Double Death  YouTube 
4. Make Grind Not Love  YouTube 
5. Zero Tolerance For Stupidity  YouTube 
6. Children of The World / Adventures of Pedobear  YouTube 
7. Sky Faggot  YouTube 
8. Inferior Beings  YouTube  
9. My Name Is Satan (I Love You)  YouTube 
10. Hipster Holocaust  YouTube 
11. Keshav Dhar Is A Fucking Pussy  YouTube 
 12. I Lit Your Baby On Fire (Anal Cunt Cover)  YouTube 
13. I’d Rather Overeat Than Feed The Hungry  YouTube 
 14. Jungle Orgy


Single Track List :

1. Cluster Headache  YouTube  
2. Rastafari Grinds Alone  YouTube
3. I Worship Seth Phutnam  YouTube 
4. Solace  YouTube  
5. Fuck Music  YouTube  
6. Rape Train  YouTube 
7. Wrath of Pillow  YouTube 
8. Japanese Censored Porn  YouTube 
9. Beaten To Death  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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