Band Members :
Sujit Kumar - Vocals
Howard - Guitars
Melroy Coelho - Bass
Sheldon Dixon - Drums

 Overhung is a Rock / Hard Rock band from Mumbai, formed in late 2010. Most venues the band has played at have come to dubbing the band as 'bringers of the party'. Overhung's sound borrows from most genres but is somewhat rooted in old school Glam Rock/Metal. The boys don’t dress the part, but one look at the themes of their songs is enough to surmise that the tagline coined for them by the venues promoting their gigs is true, “the band that brings the party”. Overhung live gigs feature insane stunts and choreography by their wild vocalist Sujit Kumar, backed up by solid playing by the rest of a band that thoroughly enjoys what they do. In December 2012, they released their debut EP "Extended 4Play" which were recorded at the drummer Sheldon Dixons house and vocals with Ayan De at Midicore studios, who has also mixed and mastered the EP.   

EP "Extended 4Play" 2012 Track List :

1. Waiting

2. Casual Bitch

3. Waiting
4. You Think You’re So Cool


Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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  1. Melroy Coelho : Is he that guy from Thane St John? Whatever happened to him? He was such an innocent guy.

    How is his sister , can't remeber her name.. Melita or something.


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