Band Members :
Gaurav Burse - Vocals
Ashish Jadhav - Lead Guitars

Omkar Joglekar - Rhythm Guitars

Piyush Kulkarni - Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Nitin Maurya - Bass
Saiprasad Nimbalkar - Percussions / Additional Harmony / Backing Vocals
Rugved Sarode - Drums / Percussions

Former Member :
Siddhant Rawal - Bass

RudraXsha is a Hindi Rock band from Pune. The band was formed with the intention of re-inventing Hindi / Indian Classical music by fusing it with Rock music elements. The band took shape when people with different musical influences and interests came together and started contributing to the band with their individual sound during the initial jamming sessions.

Single Track List :

1. Yeh Jung
2. Shalimar
3. Ujaale
4. Gazal
5. Bandeeshein

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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