The Koniac Net

Band Members :
David Abraham - Vocals / Guitars
Jason D'Souza - Guitars / Vocals
Ishaan Krishna - Guitars
Adil Kurwa - Bass
KarunKannampilly - Drums

The Koniac Net is an Indie Rock / Alternative Rock band from Mumbai, started in 2000 as a solo project of David Abraham but in 2012 it transformed to a full-fledged band. The bands each song is layered in rich melodies and gorgeous harmonies, hints at an ever-growing list of artists spanning from almost every sub-genre of Alternative / Indie imaginable.

Album "One Last Monsoon" 2012 Track List :

1. (It's Alright) Farewell
2. Maggie (A Song For Brad)
3. This Time Around  Video 
4. Divine Submersion
5. Midnight's Children (h.b.m)
6. Demure
7. Once, I Ruled By Myself
8. Simple
9. Bricks  Video 
10. Anesthetic & The Withdrawal

EP "Abiogenesis" 2014 Track List :

1. Rose Coloured Glass
2. Floor-less (De Profundis)
3. Another Point of View (A Halcyon Place To be)
4. Chasing After You  Video 
5. The Ardent Companion That You Are

Link To Listen The Tracks

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