Band Members :
Sushanto Choudhary - Vocals / Bass
Gaurav Khandelwal - Guitars
Rasheed Noor - Guitars
Nabarupam Dev - Drums
Abhishek - Sound Management

TimiraaH is an Experimental / Ambient / Black Metal band from Bangalore formed by Nabarupam, Sushanto and Gaurav. TimiraaH is the expression of a never-ending quest for the truth, purpose and responsibilities of being part of this planetary system to unleash the real essence of the life they live.

Album "Random Black Geometry" 2012 Track List :

1. Endarkened
2. Random Black Geometry
3. Salt Circle Serenity
4. The Faith
5. F**k The Order
6. The Fearless
7. Mrittyuheen (Bengali)
8. Beyond The Vast Emptiness
9. Immortal (Acoustic)

Single Track List :

1. Sign of Five
2. Timiraah
3. Black Is Not A Dream
4. Tempest Night Melancholia
5. Pyramid Eye

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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