The Chronic Blues Circus

Band Members :
Miriam John - Vocals / Harp / Bass
Peter Isaac - Vocals / Guitars / Harps / Saxophone
Sangeeta - Bass
Raveen Pandey - Vocals / Keyboards
Mukut - Vocals / Keyboards
Shreyas Sel - Drums / Percussion

The Chronic Blues Circus is a Blues band from Bangalore, formed in 7th September 1991. They are best known for their original music, a natural, clean sound and powerful vocals combined with their unique arrangements. They are probably the only Blues band around with four lead vocalists, who have completely different styles which reflects on the overall sound of the band. The Band usually plays its own compositions with a few tributes to some of the Blues masters who have influenced them.

Single Track List :

1. Woman
2. Sweet Nicotine
3. Should There Be A Reason
4. Restless Woman
5. Went To See The Gypsy
6. Mobile Blues

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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