Band Members :
Akash Sengupta - Vocals
Barun Sarkar - Guitars / Vocals
Sayantan Guha - Guitars
Aditya - Bass
Sourav - Drums
Sanjay Das - Keyboards

HinduKush is an Alternative Rock band from Kolkata, formed in 2011 by former members of the band 'Charcoalz'. HinduKush was formed when Charcolaz broke up and Aritra and Barun collaborated with three existing members of the band to form a whole new lineup. Aritra suggested the name HinduKush, which ideally symbolizes the unique blend of Indian and western music that the band offers. In 2012 Hindukush underwent a change in lineup again. Aritra and Arko was replaced by Aditya and Sourav respectively. Currently the band is working on their debut EP which will be released soon.

Single Track List :

1. Fight For Life  YouTube 
2. Freudian Slip
3. Land of Paranoia
4. Cliche  YouTube 
5. Nicolaus..Over And Out!
6. Stupid As You Know

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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