Mind Eras[h]er

Band Members :
Prince - Vocals
Kaushik - Guitars / Vocals
Palash - Bass
Rajarshi - Drums

Mind Eras[h]er is a Rap-Metalcore band from Kolkata. According to them, "Why Mind Eras[h]er: Most of those dreams are broken, others are buried, and some are simply burned. Mind Erase[h]er dissect those very same dreams with a volatile and vibrant hip hop swagger, a magnificent metallic crunch, and a headbanging industrial soul. That revolutionary spirit courses through Political Tragedy, and the band place their hearts on the line for their music once again. They need to prove to the society that they are tired of being called losers.

Single Track List :

1. Lonely
2. Nishpaap  YouTube 
3. Ghor Andhakar
4. My Girl With Someone Else

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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