Rabbit Is Rich

Band Members :
Dhairya Sethi - Vocals
Chaitanya Bhalla - Guitars
Mervyn Mathew - Guitars
Dayus Madhan - Bass
Tushar Goyal - Drums
Former Member :
Akshay Kelkar - Bass

Rabbit Is Rich is an Experimental / Metal / Progressive band from Delhi, formed in September 2008. They have sprouted out as a plant firmly rooted yet branching out into diversities, exploring as they jam, discovering something  new and sharing it with you. They have released their debut self-titled EP unofficially at the Great Indian Rock Festival, 2009. Currently the band is working on their EP which will be releasing soon.

Single Track List :

1. Time  YouTube  
2. Kaboom  YouTube 
3. Greying Skies
4. 421  YouTube  
5. Rasputin

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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