The 3 Strings

Band Members :
Tolen - Vocals
Ritan - Guitars
Nasuk - Guitars
Bishen - Bass
Malswam - Drums
Ronald - Keyboards

The 3 Strings is a Melodic Metal band from Manipur (Imphal), formed by Tolen, Ritan and Ronald, that is why its called 'The 3 Strings'. They are the members of the band called 'Crush And Burn' way back in 2005 and they all got separated and now they reunited with some new members. They played in '3rd Manipur Rock Fest' which was there first concert after the formation of the band. 

Single Track List :

1. Our Destiny  YouTube 
2. So Right
3. Eigi Wakhal
4. Colouring The World of Blind
5. Getting Down To Zero
6. Depth of Hell

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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