Grossty is a five piece Grindcore band from Bangalore. They plays many varieties of songs in grind music which sounds nasty, grinding with some hardcore punk. Most of the songs are in different style and structure and noisy and the topics they cover is porn, ganja, fight, serial killer, legends, murder, fetish, humor, bestiality, politics, people, TV and personal incidence. They have released a 5 way split CD titled "Retards Lullaby" on April 2012 along with Bad Taste, Anorectal Ulceration, Semen Commando and Head Splash. The album was an independent release produced by Charlie (Gorified / Bad Taste / Head Splash). In November, 2012 the band has released their debut self-titled EP. Currently the band is working on their full-length album.

EP "Grossty" 2012 Track List :

1. TV Is Full of Crap  YouTube
2. Partially Chewed Shit Spat Out  YouTube 
3. Cripple Bastards - I Hate Her  YouTube
4. He Goat Is Fucking A She Goat  YouTube
5. Jesus Christ  YouTube 
6. Incarcerated It Seems  YouTube
7. Anal Fuck Balls Clapping Near Vagina When The Dog Is Licking My Ass  YouTube
8. Tranny Is Our Nanny  YouTube

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Single Track List :

1. Choler
2. Froggy The Killer
3. Pussy Bun
4. Mouth Full of Mayonnaise
5. Get Grinded
6. Crocopter
7. Froggy The Killer

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