Big Bang Blues

Band Members :
Ipshita Roy - Vocals
Sushant Thakur - Guitars / Slide
Kapil Chetri - Harp / Guitars / Slide
Devang Baheti - Bass / Backing Vocals
Rahul Sengupta - Drums
Shivam Khare- Keyboards


Big Bang Blues is a Blues Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2009. With numerous line-up changes, Big Bang Blues (BBB) has evolved its character and music to call it their own. Although mostly referred to as a Blues band, the members of BBB contend that it is an incomplete interpretation of music. Influenced by genres of Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Funk and Rock, BBB bring a wide repertoire of music to the stage. The band creates its sound from the diverse influences brought in together by the members who trace their roots to completely different backgrounds. From influences ranging from the Mississippi Delta Blues, to 60’s influences Blues- Rock to Indian Fusion to Metal the members have done it all in their previous musical careers. BBB has been brings to the Indian music scene a variety of sounds with unmatched energy.

Album "Bigger Than Blues" 2012 Track List :

1. Disrespected Blues  YouTube 
2. Junky Stone  Video YouTube 
3. Sweet Bridge
4. Lovestruck blues
5. Moonless Nights  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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