Festered Wound

Band Members :
Charlie - Vocals
Cliff - Guitars
Abhi - Bass / Drums Programming

Festered Wound is a Goregrind band from Bangalore, formed in September 2012.

Demo "Bizzare Ecstasy Attained During Orgasmic Abortion" 2012 Track List :

1. Chronic Urinal Tract Infected by Hypercystitis Bacteria  YouTube 
2. Laxative Enema Overdose Flushes Out Venomous Stoma Exploding Rectal Canal  YouTube 
3. Maggots Oozing from A Dead Hookers Cunt  YouTube 
4. Performing Necropsy On A Breast Implanted Cadaver  YouTube  

Split "3-Way Cranial Excavation"  2014 Track List :

Dr. Butcher
1. Unanesthetized Amputation
2. Psychopathological
3. Throat Ripping Cacophony
4. Covered In Surgical Stapling
5. Buckets of Rotting Organs
6. Deranged & Drunken Disembowelment
7. Obscene Surgical Obsessions
7. Newborn Embalming
9. Bred For Failure

Festered Wound
10. Visceral Organs Infested By Rampant Hungry Larvae  YouTube
11. From Cruel Dismemberment To Anal Dislocation  YouTube 
12. Remains of Rigor Mortis, Ulcerous Corruption & Decay
13. Dead Tissue Feast For Drooling Parasites
14. Hyper Throbbing of Shit Tract Using Rusted Tool
15. Psycho-Masturbation Fantastising Mangled Genitals
16. Burnt Organ Platter Served With Mucous Bloodshake
17. Savage Butchery Caused By Intermittent Explosive Syndrome
YouTube Link

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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