Band Members :
Haraba Ningthoukhongjam - Vocals / Guitars
Thingnam Sanjeev - Guitars
Rabi Roy - Bass
Shankar Sapam - Keyboards
Sunil Loitongbam - Drums

Fringes is a Rock-Blues band from Imphal (Manipur), formed in the winter of 2010. Even as the band is heavily influenced by blues, it believes in exploring and experimenting with various moods and variations across musical genres. The name of the band denotes the predicament existence of being at the margins and yet rooted to the core of an evolution. The band believes that art is an offshoot of the living reality, not created in vacuum.

Album "Trapped" 2012 Track List :

1. Trapped
2. Grumpy
3. Dizzy
4. Rock n Roll
5. My Heart Sick Fella
6. Freedom
7. Crossfire
8. Land of The Free

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