Imperial Cult

Band Members :
Ashish Syangbo Tamang - Vocals
Kushal Rai - Guitars
Siddharth Lama - Guitars
Rishav Khawas - Bass
Triranta Gyalpo Moktan - Drums

Imperial Cult is a Blackened Death Metal band from Darjeeling, formed in February 2012 but the band is now based in Kolkata. The band evolved with the innovative style of metal music by blending Old School Black, Technical and Brutal Death. Their track 'Pain of Mortals' is been featured in a compilation album Frozen Rhymes of Darkness and Machis Metal Po Raicha!!. Their track 'Rise of Yalamber' is been featured in a compilation album titled Raktapyas II. They have released their debut EP titled 'Rise of Yalamber' on 18th July 2014, which was recorded at Pentatonics Studio, Kolkata. The band is now signed to Swedish Record Label 'Salute Records'. Currently the band is working on their debut full-length album.

EP "Rise of Yalamber" 2014 Track List :

1. Rise of Yalamber  YouTube Stream
2. Pain of Mortals  Mp3 Download 
3. The Abomination
4. Black Stone

Single Track List :

1. Pisach Stroat

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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