8th Mile Stone

Band Members :
Akshay Bhardwaj aka Monu - Vocals
Divyam Gupta aka Gucci - Guitars
Geoffrey Fernandez - Guitars
Gaurav Nath -  Bass / Backing Vocals
Vishnu Nath - Drums

8th Mile Stone is a Progressive Metal band from Roorkee (Uttarakhand), formed in 2012 by former members of the band 'Blood Stained Roses' and the drummer of the band 'Nth Degree'. They like to play their own songs instead of covering other bands. Musical interests of their band members are varied and often contradictory which reflects in their songs. Geoffrey and Gucci do the main composing while Vishnu and Gaurav arrange the song. Akshay and Gaurav then fill in the vocals.

Single Track List :

1. Introduction To Destruction
2. Say Good
4. It Always Ends
5. Dance of The Deity  Mp3 Download 
6. Death of Dreams  Mp3 Download 
7. Regression  Mp3 Download 
8. Anorexia  YouTube 
9. Disillusioned ft.Ankit Thapa  Stream 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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