Band Members :
Indranil Dasgupta - Vocals
Wrijul Das - Guitars
Sayan Ray - Bass

Subham Ghosh - Drums

Armament is a Thrash Metal band from Kolkata, formed in November 2011. Being full-fledgedly involved in the construction of a tight sound, they find themselves completely devoted to the raw and aggressive musicality that is generated through their sheer passion. They're here to create a raw, lightning-fast, no-bullshit thrash sound dedicated to all those who are driven by old school extreme metal. They play straight-forward thrash with evil riffs and crushing vocal attacks held together by a grinding bass and aggressively fast drums.

EP "First Strike" 2015 Track List :

1. Hammer of God  YouTube 
2. Chaos Prevails
3. Wings of Death
4. Gas Chamber  YouTube 
5. Unstoppable Force (Agent Steel Tribute)

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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