Fortified Destruction

Band Members :
Anju Anto - Vocals
Vyas Manalan - Vocals / Guitars
Aneesh Thunga - Guitars

Kevin Paul - Bass
Sankararaman Krishnamoorthi - Drums
Harshvardhan Soora - Keyboards

Fortified Destruction is a Melodic Death Metal / Power Metal band from Chennai, formed in August 2011. The band was initially called 'Hallucination Extreme' and after few line-up changes they renamed to the band to 'Fortified Destruction', following the same musical traits of Hallucination Extreme but a little more extreme. Later with the recruitment of Ex. Chaotic Oblivion vocalist Anju Anto the music turned into more melodic goth influenced style. Currently the band is not active.

EP "Neverending Reflection" Track List : [Not Yet Released]

[Tracklist not yet revealed]

Single Track List :

1. Demonology
 2. Antichrist
3. Blood Spawn
4. Void
5. Year of The Dragon
6. Hate
7. The Messenger
8. The Unholy Bride
9. Neverending Reflection
10. Red Sun
11. Betrayed
12. In Shadows I Dwell

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