Anup Sastry

Band Member :
Anup Sastry

Anup Sastry is a drummer, audio engineer and a producer. He currently play drums for Intervals and Skyharbor, and is the touring drummer of guitarist Jeff Loomis. He also writes his own music, programming guitar and bass riffs and performing his own drum parts.

Album "Ghost" 2013 Track List :

1. Legend  YouTube 
2. Limitless  YouTube 
3. The Boss Level  YouTube 
4. Wastelands  YouTube 
5. Discovery  YouTube 
6. Skywalk  YouTube 
7. Ghost  YouTube 
8. Reflex  YouTube 
9. Crystal  YouTube 

EP "Lion 2014 Track List :

1. Nemesis
2. Lion ft.Jakub Zytecki
3. Thousands
4. Free Fall


Click Here To Listen the Tracks

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